About Our Faculty

In our day, when media and communication set the agenda of the world more and more, the responsibility of communication faculties in charge of training qualified and equipped young communicators who shall work in this field increases further. Having acted with the awareness of this responsibility since its foundation in 1994, Galatasaray University Faculty of Communications is one of the most prestigious and successful faculties of our country.


Our mission is to train communicators and media professionals who are capable of working in Turkey as well as in the international arena in compliance with the requirements of the times, qualified and productive, capable of thinking analytically and critically, aware of their professional ethics responsibilities and public interest requirements, and have advanced foreign language knowledge and intercultural communication skills and to realize qualified academic researches and publications at national and international levels on communication and media studies and relevant interdisciplinary subjects.


Our vision is to become a center of perfection well-accepted in education and research at national and international planes in the professional world and scientific platforms.

Educational Purposes

Providing a training which reflects the multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary nature of communication and media studies with theoretical and practical dimensions, Training media and communication professionals capable of working in the creation, design and management of content in Turkey as well as in the international arena, Enabling students to gain the theoretical experience necessitated by the latest developments in information, communication and media technologies and creating applied job opportunities, Enabling students to acquire information and skills for job and career in the fields which promise new employment opportunities in media and communication sectors, Encouraging productivity and creativity by means of multi-directional cooperation with relevant sectors and project-based studies and practices, Enabling students to acquire information and skills in conducting researches, compiling data, evaluating and generating information in media, communication and relevant fields, Promoting democratic and participatory, pluralistic and critical approaches and egalitarian and liberal communication models with the awareness of public interest and social responsibility.

Program Outputs

GSU Faculty of Communications aims at enabling its graduates to have

effective Turkish written and verbal communication skill, advanced foreign language knowledge in at least two foreign languages, developed visual expression and reading skill, information about and awareness of responsibility in democracy, human rights, social and professional and ethical values, sufficient knowledge of basic social sciences, communication and media professions and sectors, ability to efficiently and creatively use information technologies and techniques and means necessary for interactive and conventional media, skill for designing, producing and managing field-specific documentary and fictional content for interactive and conventional media, theoretical experience in interactive and conventional media and communication media and processes and their individual and social results, information about analysis and modeling methods suitable for analyzing interactive and conventional media and communication media and processes, ability to question and analyze developments and problems in interactive and conventional media and communication media and processes, an approach which has the awareness of public interest and social responsibility, is sensitive to the current problems of the modern world and Turkey, and is liberal, democratic, constructive and problem-solver.